Traditional Dances from India and their European performers

Festival presented in Geneva from 11th to 15th February 2003

This festival is of particular interest because it was the first time that great artists from various European countries were presented together, all of whom devoted years of their lives to the study of a great classical style of India, where many of them are recognized and respected for the excellence of their art.

Of the eight major traditional styles, four were represented in this festival: three styles of South India, Bharata Nâtyam, Mohini Attam and Kathakali and one Nothern style, Kathak.

During five days, the dancers presented their work through recitals and workshops. The last evening was dedicated to a meeting with the artists.


11 February :

Chandikusum (Bharata Nâtyam dance)
Marina Motchalova-Gerosa (Kathak dance)

12 February :

Annie Rumani (Kathakali dance)

13 February :

Chandikusum and Huynh Thang (Bharata Nâtyam dance)

14 February :

Amrit Stein (Kathak dance)
Brigitte Chataignier (Mohini Attam dance)

Meeting with the artists

This last evening was an opportunity for exchanges between the dancers, the audience and the guests. The dancers talked about their artistic experience, their passion for an art form belonging to another culture, and how their work are received in the European and Indian art scenes. The evening ended with a concert of Northern Indian music performed by Béat Aeschlimann (sitar) and Stéphane Montangero (tabla).

The guests: Laurent Aubert, Director of Atéliers d’ethnomusicologie (ADEM) of Geneva,

Jean-Claude Basset, founder of the Inter-religious Platform of Geneva

Etienne Frey, Swiss dancer and choreographer.

With the support of: Geneva State, City of Geneva – Department of Cultural Affairs, Department of Public Instruction of the State of Geneva, Loterie Romande, Maison de quartier de la Jonction, Cultural activities of the University of Geneva.

Production: Association Kinkini (2003)