Summary of the artist

The career. Carmela Lavoro named Chandikusum started her studies of Bharata Nâtyam style in Geneva in 1988, thanks to the dance workshops proposed by the Culture Center of Saint-Gervais. The beauty and strength of this dance inspire her to entirely devote herself to the study of this art and turn into her profession. In order to realize her wish, she addresses Smt Amala Devi in Paris, who accepts her as a disciple and give her the name of Chandikusum.

It is with this remarkable teacher that she will work Bharata Nâtyam according to the school of Pandannallur, a school renowned for its difficult and demanding technique.

The quality of the teaching received, as well as a sustained personal training, will enable her to accomplish her training and continue her studies in India with master choreographers.

From India to Geneva

In India, she will work under the direction of Sri U.S. Krishna Rao from 1994 to 1998, Smt Jayalakshmi Alva from 1999 to 2006 and with Smt Parul Shastri since 2010.

Especially interested in ancient traditional repertoires, her masters will transmit to her choreographies rarely practiced today.

In order to promote Indian dance, she founds the Kinkini Association in Geneva in 1996.

With a significant heritage, Chandikusum will make it known and appreciate throughout her career through traditional recitals, lectures-demonstration, the creation of shows and finally the teaching addressed to adults and children.

Resume career of the artiste

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